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The BloodMoon Sessions

Wicked fools clamber to sell me their souls
From the Hollywood hills down to Mussel Shoals
The pious are storming the heavens with pleas
and turn their hearts back to the Lord


In the middle of the middle of the Midwest – way, way, way under the radar – lives a merry band of bohemians who fancy themselves The Belle Rangers. They are led by a bedazzled and feathered crone, who conned them all into giving up their gig money to further their “art,” despite it being a doomed financial venture. You may find them around the dining room table under a dusty, green chandelier, over-indulging in rich, home-cooked meals and cheap red wine. Perhaps you’ll find them crammed into the corner of a foul-smelling dive bar, baring their souls to hordes of over-served patrons. The next morning, while huddling over their instruments with steaming mugs of coffee, they’ll wrack their hangover-addled brains to write yet another song to toss into the abyss. Why do they do it? It’s more likely for love than money, and it’s the best thing they have to offer. So, whether you happen to stumble upon them in the nether reaches of the internet, or in your neighborhood bar, The Belle Rangers hope their humble offerings bring you great pleasure.


The Belle Rangers are a roots-rock band shaped by earthy tones and riveting tales. From whiskey-soaked tragedies to country-metal ghost stories, their music exhibits a unique display of depth, precision, and showmanship. Acoustic and electric guitars intertwine with banjo, electric bass, and drums to form the foundation. Tight three-part vocal harmonies glide over the top, completing the sound. The Belle Rangers are as inventive as they are timeless. Their sound will fill the smallest of rooms, and the biggest of stages.

  1. Wireless Radio The Belle Rangers 3:10
  2. Resurrection Mary The Belle Rangers 3:39
  3. October The Belle Rangers 4:16
  4. Rattlesnake The Belle Rangers 4:51
  5. Lucifer's Lament The Belle Rangers 4:29
  6. Yesterday's Coming Again The Belle Rangers 2:52
  7. Dead Man's Shoes The Belle Rangers 2:52
  8. October Reprise The Belle Rangers 1:40
  9. Foundling Wheel The Belle Rangers 3:18
  10. Release Me The Belle Rangers 2:39
  1. Breakfast Wine The Belle Rangers 3:16
  2. Wrong Mask The Belle Rangers 4:48
  3. Tears of the Moon The Belle Rangers 3:35
  4. Too Late Now The Belle Rangers 4:39



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